NEWSLETTER – January 2023

Community gallery: January birthday photos

A new year is like a blank book.

The pen is your hand and it’s now your chance

to write a beautiful story for yourself.

Happy new year 2023 Images | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD

Wishing you a safe & happy 2023!

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Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You!


and many, many more!

Esteban Arredondo Sergio Garcia Perez John Israel Benson Robinson
Marvin Beard Billie Jo Guest Brandon Little Tonya Schooley
Oscar Brassfield Dawn Hankins Lawrence Loftin Kamren Smith
Anel Cruz Lugo Kyler Harrison Luis Martinez Kyle Smith
Brad Dollar Dustin Hicks Garry Oglesby Aubry Thomas
Travis Eastep, Jr. Kelsey Hicks Sergio Perez Joshua Tisho
Collin Whitey Finley Gerald Hider Tony Perry Johnny Vega

The Month of January

Birth Stone Birth Flower Star Signs
Garnet Carnation Capricorn & Aquarius

What is the meaning of the word PERSONALITY? - YouTubeJanuary born are generally talkative and like experimenting with new things. They will keep you entertained and it is difficult to get bored when they are around. They are a kid at heart and only turn mature when the situation demands. They are also quite adventurous and can be keen to introduce you to new ideas and hobbies.

Did you know? - MACNY Θ January is named after the Roman God Janus, who was always shown as having two heads. He looked back to the last year and forward to the new one.

Θ Veganuary is the organization who is the driving force behind going vegan for the month of January. Their aim is to educate people about the vegan lifestyle and its benefits.

Θ Before we changed our calendar from Julian to Gregorian in 1752, Christmas Day fell on January 6th and is still referred to as “Old Christmas Day”.

January 1 January 18 January 19 January 25
New Year’s Day Winnie the Pooh Day World Religion Day Chinese New Year

PinMart's 10 Years of Service Award Lapel Pin | eBay

Pictured below is Hector Mendez, pictured with Supervisor Travis Eastep & Mr. John Helms,

receiving his 10 Years of Service Award!


Gary Hall 1/6/2006 Joseph Owens 1/4/2022
Hector Mendez 1/2/2013 Tara Dobbs 1/10/2022
Dawn Hankins 1/1/2014 Rogelio Muniz 1/10/2022
Vanessa Smith 1/1/2014 Raul Tovar 1/10/2022
Wayne Glass 1/6/2015 Trevor Metzler 1/17/2022
Bob Bauer 1/4/2018 Alexis Luna-Luna 1/24/2022
Cody Barnes 1/19/2018 Steven O’Rear 1/25/2022
Wendi Price 1/15/2020 Zachary Caudle 1/31/2022

Your hard work and dedication are vital to the success of our company.

Thank you for the wonderful years of service.

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Courage to Care

Kevin Bates, Jesus Buendia Gonzalez, Joseph Carrell, Corey Causey, Anthony Dover,

Sergio Garcia Perez, Edgar Rubio Hernandez & Alexis Luna-Luna


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