SAFETY NEWS – December 2023

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Safety News 2023


  • Do maintain 3 points of contact on the step ladder: 2 feet & 1 hand or 2 hands & 1 foot
  • Do place the step ladder on level ground, solid and a unmovable surface
  • Do face the ladder ascending or descending
  • Do stay centered on the ladder at all times
  • Do fully open the ladder and lock the supports in place
  • Do brace yourself with your free hand if possible
  • Do carry tools in a toolbelt or pouch
  • Do wear non-slip shoes while using a ladder
  • Do use the right height of the ladder for the correct job
  • Do inspect the ladder each time before using it


  • Don’t overreach so you don’t lose your balance and fall
  • Don’t ever use the top two steps of the ladder to stand on
  • Don’t move or shift the ladder while someone is on it
  • Don’t place the ladder on uneven ground, moveable objects or a soft surface
  • Don’t carry heavy objects or loads up the ladder
  • Don’t fold up & lean the ladder against a wall to use


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