NEWSLETTER-May & June 2021

May & June 2021

Valliant, Oklahoma Office

Gillham, Arkansas Office


Tommy Williams – Gillham Office 5/1/2000
Jimmy Butler 5/12/2008
Jeremy Whitley 5/1/2013
Shana Newberry 5/20/2018
Laiton Hill 5/5/2019
Keith Wesley 5/5/2019
Tommy Williams – Valliant 5/6/2020


Jonathan Helms 6/1/1999
Federico Ramirez 6/12/2003
Nick Barrett 6/3/2013
Shane Evans 6/5/2013
Richar Atencio 6/14/2014
Robert Childs 6/16/2014
Joel France 6/30/2014
Tony Harris 6/27/2016
Shawn Oglesby 6/27/2016
Francisco Fuentes-Ramirez 6/5/2017
Curtis Jamerson
Logan Ammons


Thank You for such an easy Open Enrollment this year!

Remember that what you elected during Open Enrollment will not be effective until July 1st. That means what you have right now is active until June 30th. If you have any questions regarding your benefits, you can call or email Shana at our Gillham office: (870) 386-2451 or


May 17th has passed. Did you file your taxes on time?

Congratulations to our May Courage to Care Winners

Dylan Cherry, Reese Jamerson, Leon Jordan, Carlos Huesca-Lopez,

Toby Pratt, Amber Risner & Jon Van Vranken

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