The Captain Is On Deck

Tri-Lakes Services, Inc. Safety Department

Ryan, Dylan, Ni’Keem, Whitey & Jimmy

We appreciate ALL of their hard work & dedication to Tri-Lakes Services, Inc.

Happy Birthday to our summer intern, RYAN!

Remember, your new elected benefits are effective as of July 1, 2021 and was deducted from your pay stub dated July 8, 2021.

United Health Care will send you your new health insurance card. Your dental and vision cards will be coming from Shana at our Gillham, Arkansas office within the next week or two.

If you have any questions about your newly elected benefits, be sure to call Shana at (870) 386-2451 or email her at

United Health Care offers Virtual Visits! Log on to to register!

Download the MetLife app today to get your ID cards and explore so much more for your dental & vision coverage. You can even see your accident claims if you’ve made any!









Brent Coffey 7/18/2005 Aubry Thomas 7/2/2018
Garry Stacey 7/20/2009 Justin Risner 7/9/2018
James Jacobs 7/27/2009 Travis Eastep, Sr. 7/10/2018
Kamren Smith 7/8/2014 Travis Eastep, Jr. 7/11/2018
Jason Coffman 7/24/2014 Daniel Bryant 7/23/2018
Mike Adkins 7/28/2014 Clifton Jamerson 7/8/2020
Jesus Buendia 7/30/2014 Dylan Hicks 7/18/2020
Kenneth Deater 7/7/2015 Jacob Darity 7/22/2020
Wilfred Patt 7/7/2015 Chaney Taylor 7/25/2020
Amanda Bryant 7/2/2018 Justin Still 7/31/2020

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Courage To Care

Mike Adkins, Brock Bain, Jacob Darity, Patrick Hernandez,

Marvin Huseth, James Jacobs & Ashlynn Johnson

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