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Understanding Your Employee Assistance Program

In an ever-stressful world, it gets harder and harder to balance our workload with our personal lives. Each day, we put on our work clothes and our work faces and concentrate on getting the job done. It is extraordinary, really, how much gets done by people who are facing worry, trouble and concerns in their lives.

Many of our co-workers and friends appear calm and focused on what they are doing, yet worry is with them always. Nearly half of all marriages end in divorce today. Some of our co-workers with might be grieving the death of a loved one. Others may be struggling with drug and alcohol issues, caring for an aging parent or dealing with the challenges of raising children.

Your employer realizes the difficulty of this balance and appreciates the achievements you bring to the workplace. That is why they provide you and your dependents an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Your EAP services are provided by ComPsych, an independent firm. The EAP counselors are not employees of your company. This is one way we ensure confidentiality to you and your family members.

Your GuidanceResources Program

The GuidanceResources Program is a free, short-term counseling and referral service designed to support you through difficult times. We believe no problem is too big or too small for the GuidanceResources Program. Many people turn to their EAP for help with relationship issues. They may be quarreling frequently or going through a divorce. They may also be trying to work out child custody arrangements. Rough patches occur in even the best of relationships, and the EAP can help with these as well.

The GuidanceResources Program also helps with family and parenting problems. Help is available for those who have kids who are getting into trouble, are having difficulty at school or are suffering with their parents’ divorce. The EAP can also be helpful for people who are caring for aging parents.

In addition to emotional support, the GuidanceResources Program can help identify sources of practical assistance in your community. ComPsych can also refer you to a lawyer or financial advisor for legal or financial difficulties that may be causing stress.

It can be the first place you turn for drug and alcohol problems, whether they are your own or the problems of someone close to you.

You can call ComPsych with work-related issues, such as:

  • Trouble getting along with your boss or co-workers
  • Feeling overwhelmed at work
  • Concerns about job security or layoffs.

ComPsych is also there should you want to call when you just do not feel right, such as when you feel:

  • Angry
  • Lonely
  • Depressed
  • Stuck in a pattern from which you cannot break free.
Available 24 Hours a Day

To access the GuidanceResources Program, call 1-888-628-4809, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your call will be answered by one of our experts in our centralized office. He or she will listen to your concerns and locate the best counselor for you in your community. ComPsych will contact the counselor and tell him or her to expect your call. You then set an appointment that is convenient for both of you.

In most cases, you can expect to be seen in one week. Of course, emergencies are attended to immediately.

If your situation can be resolved within a few sessions, you will continue to meet with your counselor. Problems requiring long-term therapy or highly-specialized care may be referred to specialists outside the EAP, which may be paid for by your health insurance program.


Many people are afraid that personal information shared with ComPsych will get back to the employer or others. It will not. Nothing will be revealed unless you reveal the information yourself or give written permission to ComPsych to reveal information.

We are an industry leader in protecting the privacy of our clients and take confidentiality very seriously.

  • Your records are kept confidential in our office.
  • You are never called or sent mail without your permission.
GuidanceResources for Family Members

Your spouse, partner or dependent children are also eligible for this free service. We recognize that many issues facing an individual can impact the entire family. Therefore, ComPsych (and your employer) want to support you.
Here for You

  • ComPsych’s services are available to you free of charge.
  • Call 1-888-628-4809 for assistance.
  • Your information is completely confidential.



Congratulations to the Courage to Care Winners

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