NEWSLETTER – December 2022

Merry Christmas Red and Green Plaid Background Edible Cake Topper Imag – A Birthday Place

From all of us at Tri-Lakes Services, Inc.,

Merry Christmas

Standard Christmas Bulletin: Jesus, Our Savior, Is Born

For unto you is born this day… a Saviour, which is CHRIST THE LORD.

Luke 2:11

Manuel Alvarez Keuntrae Giddens Rene Mendoza Chairez
Lawrence Anderson Talon Griffin Jarrod Miller
Wayne Beck Michael Hall Michael O’Rear
Zachary Caudle Randal Hall Winfred Patt
Tommy Chesney Kyla Heady Jaddie Reich
Ronald Dickson Dalton Hutchison Randy Smith
Randy Farley Johnny Loyd Alyssa Stone
Clinton Farrow Alexis Luna-Luna Jeremy Whitley

Wishing all a very MERRY & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Years Of Service Pins | 25 Years Service Pin

Pictured below is Garry Oglesby, with Jonathan Helms, receiving his 25 Years of Service Award!

Congratulations Garry!

Pictured below is Chuckie Ammons, with Billy Bob Hubbard & John Helms,

receiving his 15 Years of Service Award!

Pictured below is Ricky Dagenhart, with John Helms, receiving his 15 Years of Service Award!

Congratulations Ricky!

Wallace Ammons 12/20/2004 Hunter Wood 12/18/2020
Ricky Dagenhart 12/20/2004 Donavon Barrett 12/28/2020
Rodney “Doc” Hanks 12/17/2009 John Israel 12/29/2020
Anel Cruz-Lugo 12/10/2018 Steven Jensen 12/29/2020
Johnny Vega 12/5/2019 Randy Farley 12/6/2021
Aaron Bess 12/15/2020 Jermaine Bennoman 12/6/2021
Wayne Beck 12/15/2020 Derrick Wynne 12/6/2021

Your hard work & dedication are vital to the success of Tri-Lakes Services, Inc. Thank You for the wonderful years of service.


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Jesus Buendia, Colton Butler, William Cody, Kenny Dover,

James Jacobs, Steven Jensen, Trevor Metzler & Christopher Parkins


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