2019-Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety Tips


Halloween can be fun & exciting. Here are some tips to help keep your family safe!


Be sure to clean up any tripping hazards such as garden hoses, toys & bikes.

Leave all outside lights on so that your Trick-Or-Treaters can see clearly.

Keep all pets put up, or make sure you can control them as best as possible.

When taking your Trick-Or-Treaters out:

Always have an adult with young children when trick-or-treating.

Form a group for older children to go together.

Always make yourself visible to drivers by wearing reflective clothing.

Make sure you take a flashlight or use glow sticks when walking house to house.

Be sure to WALK house to house.

Do not visit dark houses. Only go to houses with lights on.

Look BOTH ways when crossing the street.

NEVER get in a vehicle with someone you do not know.

Do not get near flames. You do not want to catch your costume on fire.

ALWAYS let an adult check your candy before you eat any of it.


We at Tri-Lakes Services, Inc. hope you & your family have a safe & happy HALLOWEEN!

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