ATTENTION: Tri-Lakes Services, Inc. Employees

Due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in our area, we would like to encourage our employees to get vaccinated against the virus. As an incentive to get the vaccine, Tri-Lakes Services, Inc. will offer 1 (ONE) week of paid vacation for every 10 (TEN) employees who get the shot. When 10 employees get a group established to get vaccinated, those 10 can either be entered to win one week of paid vacation (1 out of 10 will win) or they can elect to receive $100 each. You MUST present your original vaccination card to be eligible to receive any winnings. This is strictly by volunteer only and is not a requirement at this time. If you have already received your vaccination for the COVID-19 virus, be sure to bring your (original) vaccine card by so that you can be added to the drawing list as well!

Please contact Tri-Lakes Services, Inc. Safety Department or HR Department if you have already received the vaccine or if you decide to get it.

If the vaccination cannot be brought to you, TLS will pay for the time it takes our employees to go get vaccinated. You MUST check with the Safety Department or HR Department beforehand, as well as follow all rules and regulations as to leaving your jobsite to be vaccinated.

If you have any questions, please call the Safety Department or HR Department.


John Helms

Owner, Tri-Lakes Services, Inc.


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