First, and most importantly, Happy Birthday to our very own

Mr. John Helms


Not many people have the ability to motivate others through their words & work. You are among those few. You are a great leader, mentor and a source of inspiration who has given your employees many wonderful moments, good laughs and memories to look back on. Your employees are thankful for YOU. We wish you the best day today, and every day. Happy Birthday John 🎂🥳🎈🎁

Also, Let’s Shout Happy Birthday To…. Arthur Julian Naylor
Amber Risner James Jacobs
Federico Ramirez Stoney Driver
Kim O’Donnell Rafael Ramirez
Shawn Gribnitz Christopher Parkins, II
Logan McManus Johnathan Hurd
Timothy Rider Rogelio Muniz
Tieler Abney Brayan Feregrino Navarro

The March Birth Month Flower is a Daffodil

It symbolizes rebirth because it flourishes in Spring and it denotes a new beginning. Giving Daffodils to someone, especially on their birthday, is a way of showing a happy, respected, and well-regarded friendship between you & them.

Around 2:00 p.m. on February 17, 2022, a trailer loaded with recycled bales backed up to the west dock at the mill to be unloaded. The driver stopped in the designated position so that Winfred Patt, Sweeper, could check the driver’s paperwork, conduct a outside inspection on the trailer and open the doors. Mr. Patt completed his duties and applied the proper red straps to open the trailer doors. As he began, he noticed that one of the bales had shifted against the door during transport to the mill. He immediately stopped and notified George Bowens, Bale Tester, to come inspect the bale and trailer.
This is a great example of why we have safety rules & procedures. By Winfred Patt following the rules & procedures, he helped prevent what could have been a serious accident.
Tri-Lakes Services, Inc. thanks Winfred Patt for staying alert, observing and making the workplace a little bit safer for everyone on site!
Good Catch Winfred!

Your hard work & dedication are vital to the success of Tri-Lakes Services, Inc.
Thank you for the wonderful years of service!
Carlos Huesca-Lopez 3/12/2002
Marcus Padilla 3/28/2011
Tony Perry 3/10/2015
Viri Perez-Gaspar 3/23/2015
Larry Cayton 3/16/2018
Johnny Loyd 3/1/2020
Clinton Bess 3/6/2020
Luis Martinez 3/16/2020
Jody Trim 3/16/2020
Morgan Fancher 3/23/2021
Randy Evans

Congratulations to you both for reaching this significant milestone in your career with Tri-Lakes Services, Inc. Your effort and dedication play a tremendous part in our success and we appreciate your commitment.

Carlos Huesca-Lopez pictured with John Helms, after receiving his award for 20 years of service!


Marcus Padilla pictured with John Helms, after receiving his award for 11 years of service!

It is almost time for our yearly Open Enrollment. 
Stay tuned for the upcoming information about when it will be!
If you have any questions about your benefits that you are currently enrolled in or questions about what is offered, contact Shana at our Gillham, Arkansas office at (870) 386-2451 or

The Courage To Care
for this month are:
Ethan Bacon, Bob Bauer, Kyla Heady, James Hutchison,
James Johnson, Brandon Little & Michael O’Rear

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