NEWSLETTER – April 2022

♦ Let’s see who is celebrating this month ♦

Jonathan Helms Keith May Wallace Ammons Justin Smith
Michael Swift Steven Mitchell Nick Barrett Darlene Heyns
Lacresha Joy Smith Dustin Lucas Christopher Parker Joshua Coffey
Kenneth Deater Ryder Causey David Boswell Lukas Rogers
Delbert Roberts Francisco Fuentes Ramirez Hunter Wood William Carpenter
Jeffrey Bauer Josh Sweeden Susan Stone  
Manuel Arriaga Alvarez Juan Luna-Luna Charlie Whisenhunt  

From all of us here at Tri-Lakes Services, Inc.

Years of Service Awards

Pictured below is Oscar Brassfield, with his Supervisor Glen Smith,

receiving his award for his 20+ Years of Service.

Pictured below is Jimmy O’Donnell, with John Helms, receiving his award for his 15+ Years of Service.

Pictured below is Julio Navarro, pictured with his Supervisor John Rymer,

receiving his award for his 10+ Years of Service.

Pictured below is Trenton Barrett, who is working in Holden, Louisiana.

He received his award for his 10+ Years of Service!

On behalf of everyone at Tri-Lakes Services, Inc., we would like to say

CONGRATULATIONS to Oscar, Jimmy, Julio and Trenton!

Oscar Brassfield 4/16/2001 Jimmy O’Donnell 4/11/2005
William Simmons 4/20/2006 Benny Johnson 4/4/2011
Julio Navarro 4/27/2011 Trenton Barrett 4/20/2012
Delbert Roberts 4/27/2017 Keith Roberts 4/27/2018
David Boswell 4/15/2019 Dylan Cherry 4/22/2019
Paul White 4/22/2019 Trevor White 4/22/2019
Trey Williams 4/22/2019 Gerald Hider 4/6/2021
Wyatt Phillips 4/13/2021 Timothy Rider 4/20/2021

Your hard work and dedication are vital to the success of our company.

Thank you for the many wonderful years of service.

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