SAFETY NEWS-January 2021

Safety News: January 2021

Cold Weather Information

Keep it moving!

Cold related hazards:

Many of us drive in winter conditions, but if you drive a commercial motor vehicle, the challenges are even greater. Adverse weather conditions demand increased preparation for both you and your vehicle. Conditions can change quickly in the winter and being prepared is key to successfully operating in snow, ice, and extreme cold.

Vehicle Inspections:

In addition to performing regular vehicle inspections, adverse weather requires that extra attention be paid to certain vehicle parts and accessories.

Coolant Level/Anti-Freeze – Ensure the vehicle’s cooling system is full and that there is enough anti-freeze.

Windshield – The vehicle’s defrosters and heater must work properly. Windshield wiper blades should press against the window hard enough to wipe the windshield clean. Make sure there is a appropriate amount of washer fluid in the reservoir. Be sure to check the reservoir for any cracks or other damage.

Tires – Check the depth, mounting & air pressure in each tire before driving the vehicle.

Brakes – Check your brake adjustment. Look for ice on the brake linings and keep air tanks as moisture free as possible.

Lights & Reflectors – Make sure that lights & reflectors are free of dirt, snow, ice, road salt, etc.

Fuel Tank – Your fuel tank should be full when you start out and keep it topped off if bad weather is expected.

Exhaust System – Check the exhaust system regularly. Loose exhaust system connections can cause carbon monoxide to leak into the vehicle.

Coupling Devices – Before coupling, remove all snow and ice. In temperatures that are below freezing, the jaws of the coupling device may not lock if the grease is frozen. Double check the locking and lubricate the fifth wheel with a winter grade lubricant. 

Exposed Wiring & Air Lines – Remove ice & snow from wiring and air lines.

Handholds, Steps, Deck Plates – Remove all ice & snow from the handholds, steps, & deck plates.

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