NEWSLETTER-January 2021

Wishing everyone a safe & happy New Year!

Electrical Crew

Gary Hall January 6, 2006
Alfonzo Martin January 20, 2006
William Young January 30, 2012
Hector Mendez January 2, 2013
Dawn Hankins January 1, 2014
Vanessa Smith January 1, 2014
Wayne Glass January 6, 2015
Cody Barnes January 19, 2018
Shannon Payne January 28, 2018
Wendi Stevenson January 15, 2020
Zachary Williams
January 29, 2020

Your hard work & dedication are vital to the success of our company.

Thank you for the wonderful years of service!



Remember that your deductibles through MetLife & United Health Care are on yearly calendar cycles. Both start over January 1st & end December 31st.


Did you lose your dental or vision I.D. card? What about your United Health Care I.D. card?

If you did, that’s ok! You can always download the MetLife & UHC app on your smart phone or log in to your accounts on a desktop computer. From there, you can print your I.D. card(s) out. UHC will even let you request a new card. If you need a new dental or vision card, call the Gillham Office at (870) 386-2451 to speak with Shana.

Bonney Bigham, Larry Cayton, Robert Childs, Brandon Gossett,

Dalton Kastning, Johnny Vega & Jimmy White!

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