Safety News – Impact Gloves



Impact Resistant Gloves

Required For All Contractors


The Containerboard business now requires the use of impact resistant gloves, especially for tasks involving material handling of 50 pounds or more. Glove selection shall be evaluated with other risks such as rotating equipment, chemical or thermal conditions, etc. This new requirement will begin at Valliant Mill on August 1, 2018.


Examples where Manually Handling de-energized equipment / materials that can result in injury:

       Picking up a Pump

       Handling a 55 gal Drum

       Moving a Core Buggy

       Positioning a Motor while Rigging

       Stacking Bags of Material

       Handling Heavy Pipe


Incidents involving Hand Injuries – The Case for Safety


Facility examples:

  • A contractor was working near a heavy precipitator conveyor chain and grabbed the chain by hand to help others moving it with a rope. The chain moved unexpectedly pinching a finger between the chain and sprocket resulting in a recordable injury.
  • A contractor was helping move piping laying loose on a flatbed and the pipe moved easier than expected and mashed a finger resulting in a lost time injury.

In these incidents, it is believed impact resistant gloves would play a key role in reducing the severity of the injury.


Key Message – Outcome

PPE Requirements for Impact Resistant Gloves  

Impact Resistant Gloves will be required for all contractors. 

Minimum Requirement*: When handling material >/= 50 lbs. (lifting, pushing, pulling, maneuvering, or rigging) 


Recommended Specifications: ‘Back of Hand’ Impact Resistance, Level A4 Cut Resistance and Level 3 Puncture Resistance.

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