SAFETY NEWS – April 2023


Safety procedures are an important internal control. Small businesses use safety procedures to ensure owners and employees do not injure themselves or customers during business operations. Certain business industries may be subject to more safety procedures than others. Manufacturing or production, energy, construction and warehousing represent a few examples of industries using copious safety procedures.

Training employees to work safely around electrical hazards is a critical requirement for maintaining worker safety. Electricity is a serious workplace hazard that can result in serious injuries and even fatalities if your workers are not properly trained. Implementing safety procedures and having step by step instructions on what tools, PPE, and safety precautions is a key in having a safe and productive workplace.



Pictured is Tri-Lakes Electrician Hector Mendez in a 40cal suit changing out breakers in an electrical panel. By following the Electrical safety procedures, Hector was able to complete the job safely and correctly.




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