NEWSLETTER – September & October 2022

We added the September and October Newsletter together this time!

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

What Is Cancer?

Understanding Breast Cancer

Cancer is a broad term for a class of diseases characterized by abnormal cells that grow and invade healthy cells in the body.  Breast cancer starts in the cells of the breast as a group of cancer cells that can then invade surrounding tissues or spread (metastasize) to other areas of the body.

What Causes Cancer To Develop?

Cancer begins in the cells which are the basic building blocks that make up tissue. Tissue is found in the breast and other parts of the body.  Sometimes, the process of cell growth goes wrong, and new cells form when the body doesn’t need them, and old or damaged cells do not die as they should. When this occurs, a buildup of cells often forms a mass of tissue called a lump, growth, or tumor.

Breast cancer occurs when malignant tumors develop in the breast.  These cells can spread by breaking away from the original tumor and entering blood vessels or lymph vessels, which branch into tissues throughout the body. When cancer cells travel to other parts of the body and begin damaging other tissues and organs, the process is called metastasis.


Sixto Amador Ricky Dagenhart Steven O’Rear
Jose Bahena Anthony Dover Viri Perez-Gaspar
Scott Belcher Todd Franklin Bradon Robinson
Bonney Bigham Gary Hall Raul Tovar
Devin Bray Tamarick Hankins Jesse Van Slyke
Jared Chandler Dorothy Hyland Octavio Vazquez Gomez
Gregory Clark Jamian Jones James Weikel
Orville Cupit Scott Lindamood Larry Williams

Wishing You all a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Jimmy White Kelly Bagsby Larry Cayton Robert Anglin
Alvin Abney Shawn Levi Garrett Layne Burchfield Erika Escher
Dale Jordan Jesse Cole Kameron Allen Jermaine Bennoman
Wendell Gantt Donavon Barrett Dylan Rudisill Trevor Metzler
Jimmy Butler Travis Eastep Chase Hilliard Donald Terry
Dylan Cherry Bailey Eastep James Smith Tairell Willard
Ryan Follis Eric Pearce Justin Bates Luis Murillo Chavez

Congratulations to Charles Hall (Junior), pictured with Kelly Harp,

on receiving his 10 Years of Service award.

September & October Anniversaries

Grayson Winer George Fields Joaquin Ambriz
Brad Dollar Sixto Perez Amador Timothy Clarke
William “Billy Bob” Hubbard David Cody Juan Luna-Luna
Wendell Gantt William Cody Christino Hernandez
Brandon Little Emily Johnson Leon Jordan
Scott Belcher Thomas Parker David Harris
Dustin Lucas Mark Wesley Jarrod Miller
Jesse Van Slyke Steven Jackson Glen Wayne Smith
Garry Oglesby
Billy Jo Guest Smith Gallagher
Eleazar Nino Palma
Michele Sivard Michael O’Rear
Jon Van Vranken Shawn Levi Garrett Bailey Eastep
Lacresha Smith Ricky Hostetler William Eastep

Your hard work & dedication are vital to the success of our company.

Thank You for the wonderful years of service!

Courage to Care

August Winners

Jonathan Hurd, Carlos Huesca-Lopez, Ricky Dagenhart, Jimmy Elledge,

Leon Jordan, Charles Box, Julio Navarro & William Cody

September Winners

Kristin Franklin, William Eastep, Flavio Cuellar-Alvarez, Dawn Hankins,

Willard Wilson, Marvin Beard, Leslie Anderson & Joseph Owens

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