OCC/Wastestream Crew


Carlos Huesca-Lopez 3/12/2002 Johnny Loyd 3/1/2020
Marcus Padilla 3/28/2011 Clinton Bess 3/6/2020
Tony Perry 3/10/2015 Nicholas Jimenez 3/16/2020
Viri Perez 3/23/2015 Luis Martinez 3/16/2020
Larry Cayton 3/16/2018 Secret Strain 3/16/2020
Terry Swift 3/16/2018 Jody trim 3/16/2020

Your hard work & dedication are vital to the success of Tri-Lakes Services, Inc.

Thank you for the wonderful years of service!


Do you suffer from springtime allergies?

You’re not alone. Seasonal allergies affect more than 50 million Americans. The onset of spring may bring you indoor and outdoor allergies no matter where you live.

Virtual Visits may help you get relief with treatment and a prescription if needed. If you are experiencing a runny, itchy or stuffy nose, itchy or watering eyes, sneezing or coughing, you can talk to a doctor 24/7, from anywhere.

What can you do to reduce common indoor and outdoor airborne allergens? First, know the indoor and outdoor triggers, and then get help from United Health Cares Virtual Visits!

Indoor Outdoor
Cockroaches Grass
Dust Mites Mold
Pet Dander Tree Pollen
Rodents Weeds


Aaron Bess, Alex Cole, Justin Hoover, Hermanus Minnaar,

Winfred Patt, Colton Tucker & Trevor White!


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