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Wallace Ammons 12/20/2004
Ricky Dagenhart 12/20/2004
Rodney Hanks 12/17/2009
Doug Roberts 12/5/2013
George Saenz 12/9/2013
Michael Mussett 12/9/2016
Jason Breshears 12/11/2017
Randy O’Donnell 12/12/2017
Jacob “Nate” Kenney 12/28/2017


Your Insurance Info:

United Health Care ↓

Your 2018 Form 1095-B is now ready for you at

To get your copy of Form 1095-B:

  1. Log in to
  2. Select Look Up My Benefits on the right.
  3. Go to Benefits & Coverage.
  4. Select Coverage Documents on the left.
  5. Choose 1095 Form.
  6. When the form opens, follow the steps to print it.

Form 1095-B will be available online for 3 years after the year it was issued.

MetLife ↓

Did you know that you can benefit from MyBenefits? Well you can! 

MyBenefits provides you with a personalized, integrated and secure view of your MetLife-delivered benefits. You can take advantage of a number of self-service capabilities as well as a wealth of easy to access information including planning tools and oral health awareness material. MetLife is able to deliver services that empower you to manage your benefits. As a first time user, you will need to register on MyBenefits, requiring you to follow a few simple steps.



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Jesus Quintero Glen Smith Kamren Smith Keri Ivy Smith Raymond Taylor

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