NEWSLETTER – August 2022


Supporting one of our very own, Jamie Gamble.

Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Kim Rymer Daniel Brant
Glen Wayne Smith Dannie England
Billy Bob Hubbard Thomas Parker
Randy Evans James Price
Trenton Barrett Adrian Gomez
Joe Burney Raul Tovar
Shane Evans Adam Overbeck
Trent George Jayden Barrick
Cory Neal Miguel Juarez-Chavez, Jr.
Robert Bauer Anders Kody Ashcraft
Emily Johnson
Devin Bartlett

Mike Swift Michael Hall Amber Risner Darlene Heyns
Dannie England Willard Wilson Ethan Bacon Dylan Rudisill
Johnathan Hurd Kristin Franklin Shelia Roberts Jason Rushin
Clinton Farrow Vernon Morris Shawn Rowan Trent George
Stephen Karr Chadrick Scott Jimmy Elledge Congratulations!

Your hard work & dedication are vital to the success of Tri-Lakes Services, Inc.

Thank you for the many wonderful years of service.

Courage to Care

Richar Atencio, Devin Bray, Amanda Bryant, Larry Cayton,

Levi Garrett, Shawn Oglesby, Winfred Patt & Colton Tucker


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